Tuesday, 20 January 2009

more nice things

so i have bought some more vintage playing card goodness from etsy and they arrived today, all beautifully wrapped by elizabeth wren vintage,the fab shop i got them from. now i admit to not having a clue what game they are from or what ill ever do with them, but i know i love the illustrations and graphics and the fresh bright colors are so intense and lovely.


Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Hello, Mr. Steven!~~Those cool cards are from the Mille Bornes (sp.) game of French Auto Touring. I played the heck out of that game when I was much younger!~~XXOO, Beth

emilyspaint said...

I used to play that when I was little! At my grammy's house!

Downhillnut said...

That's a fun road trip game that we haven't played for a while. Have you figured out what to do with it yet?