Monday, 5 January 2009

nice new stuff

so i have got some lovely new things in my life, what with just recently being on holiday and of course Christmas just gone, i thought id get back into blogging with a show and tell of some of what i bought and what i was given as gifts.
firstly I'm kinda into cups and mugs and have a few new ones to add to my collection, and this picture below shows my new additions, its become a tradition that my David buys me a new Kath kidstone mug every Christmas and the chicken one is this years treat, the Lego cup with my name on is from a brilliant Lego shop in downtown Disney in Orlando Florida, and i just had to have it in case i forget my name, the tea time one i got just because i liked the text and the last one is from habitat that i just got in the sales...
so the next picture shows one of the things i bought myself from a mall in Florida and it had me at hello, a glass domed cake stand that was too cheap to refuse, and the panic that it might not survive the journey home was enough to make the 8 hour flight quite uncomfortable, but it did survive and its currently filled with sweets and treats, I'm afraid i don't remember the shops name, but isn't it excellent..
so every time we go to get our weekly shopping and as I'm pushing the trolley around as David fills it with goodies, its become a bit of a joke that i always ask him for a box of cake mix, he always says no and i walk on by laughing to myself, and possibly the best thing he got me this Christmas was a fab stripey red and white mixing bowl and four boxes of delicious cake mixes to how brilliant is he,..he knows me too well, and he also bought me a ceramic cup cake cookie jar,...cookies and biscuits don't last long in my house so i doubt many will see the inside of this lovely thing..looks nice in my kitchen though..
i got lots of other nice things too but I'm certainly not showing you the new pants i got or the many pairs of socks, i did get some amazing vouchers and have had much fun in borders, habitat, paperchase and waterstones. vouchers make shopping even more fun as the guilt factor of spending money is gone, and frivolity takes over. so i hope you all got nice things too, I'm already excited by next Christmas... only hundreds of days to wait.


sko_G knits said...

wow, i really like your chicken cup but more so i really love your new cupcake cookie jar!!

Jennifer Ramos said...

VERY CUTE! tHE TEA time cup is super neat!

Jen Ramos
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