Tuesday, 6 January 2009

practice fantastic

so i also got a sparkly new digital camera from my David for Christmas, even though i had pleaded with him not to get me one as i have one and a half perfectly lovely ones already, but he got me a sony cyber shot thingy, with a massive big viewing screen and some buttons that are rather small and technical looking, and today i took it for a walk in the park had a play, and I'm not sure what i think of the results....
i think I'm an OK picture taker and can compose a nice image, i don't ask for much out of a camera, just sharp clear images and a close up feature for those etsy listings that need a detailed shot, all the technical mumbo jumbo that I'm sure lots of people care about can happily fly in one of my ears and out the other... i just don't care that much, i want to capture holiday memories and take pictures that will make me smile for years to come... but for now ill keep playing and see what i think... any thoughts ?

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