Wednesday, 14 January 2009

change is in the air

so I'm gonna implement some changes into my life,...its a new year blah blah blah and I'm doing great on my resolutions to watch more television, walk less and eat more cake, however I'm determined to grab back some of the passion i used to have for creating, you see recently its been nothing more than a chore, and that has to change, i want to fall in love again with getting messy and finding loose threads all over my clothes and washing paint from my fingers every night in the bath.i have gotten into a rut and have become lazy regarding the accidents i once used to often make. so this post is a blast to the not so distant past when i used to make stuff... and watch this space for the new things i have whizzing around my head... notice i have changed my blog header.. that's a good place to start don't you think... change is definitely in the air.

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Elizabeth Holcombe said...

I think your accidents are lovely and so FUN! I look forward to what the new year brings from you, creative fellow!~~~XXOO, Beth