Saturday, 11 August 2007

a caravan adventure

so there i was wandering the back streets of east London, like you do, when i came across a shop that i had heard lots about through many of the blogs i read,the shop is called Caravan and is owned by Emily Chalmers who you all might know from her many brilliant books, flea market style being just one of them.
so i almost jogged towards the shop and my heart was beating to the drum of potential lovely things, and once inside it was like a dream come true for me.
on every surface and in every corner and on all the walls were brilliantly lovely things, from stunning pots to handmade toys and beautiful clothes made from vintage fabrics.lamps and design books jostled for space next to children's shoes and candles.
the shop is quite big and has room for interesting displays and features, one wall is painted with a gigantic floral pattern, a big bed is used as a table to display more products and metal shelves are the home to many small trinkets and treasures,and all around the shop are vintage tailors dummies re-covered in vintage fabrics turning them from tools of the trade into tools for display.
and whilst i was browsing and becoming more giddy,i asked if it would be OK if i could take some pics as i knew blog land would love to see this place, i was directed to a lady who was varnishing a door, "ask Emily if its OK" i was told, argh ! it was her, the owner, Emily, the lady whose books i love, i was only slightly scared, but i calmly walked over and introduced myself and told her what i wanted and she was just lovely, i told her about all the blogs i had read about her on, decor8 especially loves her, and she was really pleased, i told her about the shop i used to own,i think she might have even been into it as she apparently used to work very near to it ? i told her about my little blog, and we just generally chatted like we were friends from way back (she is now officially my best friend for life). i told her she should start a blog and she agreed that it was something she had thought about, god knows how she would have the time with everything she does, i think i probably rambled on a bit more than i should have but it was fun, however the best bit for me was that she was wearing (remember she was varnishing a door) a black vintage jumpsuit that looked more suited to cocktails in the Ritz,it really summed up the shop to me,beautifully UN-pretentious. so i skipped of home with a smile on my face and i knew that i would be having some more caravan adventures soon, but next time maybe with some cash in my pocket....look at my list for a link to Caravan
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flytie said...

oooooh...whatever that is green on the hanger in the first pic, i like it!

that dress form that i can partially see in pic 2 should be mine. nice.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed your blog

Stoney Charms

Amanda said...

oooh love these items!! gorgeous glam!