Wednesday, 1 August 2007

books books books

so a few days ago me and my David were just wandering around a rather posh little part of London called Blackheath,well when i say wandering, what i really mean is that we were hunting for a greasy spoon to have breakfast, but it seemed that Blackheath only had fancy little delis that served croissants, which we do like, but we wanted a proper breakfast that included fried food of some kind ? you know what i mean. so whilst sniffing out fried food we came across a bookshop that had most of its stock outside on little shelves, and they had hundreds of these penguin classics all displayed together by colour, and the blogger in me knew i had to take some pictures, so i did, and just look how brilliant they were.they almost made me want to buy some, but my need for breakfast was stronger so off we went.
and for those of you concerned we might have gone hungry.....dont worry we did find a nice place for breakfast, but it was a bit posh, they even served the baked beans in their own little dish on the plate ? quite random we both agreed whilst stuffing our faces....
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