Friday, 24 August 2007

bed brilliance

so there i was rummaging through a charity thrift shop and bang this duvet cover caught my beady eye and before my david could give me a look of disgust it was on the counter being bagged up, his real disgust came when i asked him to buy it for me, but because he loves me he just growled and handed over his dosh, now i just need something to do with ? anything with ZAP on it gets my attention and i little place in my heart. i wish it had been a double size as it would have been on my bed now.
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lusummers said...

hello steven...thanks for your comment! yes, i highly recommend emailing holly...if you don't try you don't get, that's my new motto. my old motto is 'oh, i won't try, what if nobody likes me?'. enough of that old insecurity! love the duvet cover, i'm sure both my brothers had something darn similar to that...

Zo Zo Gabor said...

i want it. xx