Sunday, 12 August 2007

car booty

so we went to a gigantic car boot yesterday that needed 2 buses, 2 trains and a scary walk alongside a busy road, just to get to where it was, but it was so worth it, just look at what total rubbish i bought.I'm a sucker for a face, so when i saw these things i just knew i had to have them, look at the owl, how could i resist, and the bear money box with wobbly eyes, he was mine from the moment i saw him, and who does not like salt and pepper pots in the shape of cockerels ?...oh and the onion pots , which were 20p each, (bargain) screamed "buy me", one of them already has a little succulent plant nestled in his head on top of my fridge.(i might sell the other one as his face is not as interesting ?
and this fabric was spotted under a table, full of utter pointless rubbish, but i knew i could turn these into something brilliant, i got such a funny look of the seller, but all i could think was "you owned it in the first place love".
and finally look at my treasures all together like this, soooo brilliant and it all cost less than a £5.00 ....the only problem was we burnt our bald heads as it was blistering hot.....but we did not care , i had new rubbish to clutter up another shelf, and my David had some new Cd's to sell on eBay, he buys to sell, i buy to treasure.
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Elizabeth Holcombe said...

What wonderful finds! I adore the owl! So darn cute! :)))) XXOO, Beth