Tuesday, 28 July 2009

tuning in

so i have just listed these pages in the shop, and i really like them.. these were found in a dirty old bruised book that i got at the car boot and it is/was full of adverts for different American radio and communications companies, i think they date from the 1940s.
i get the feeling its not radios like we have today where we listen to music or the news, but radios more used for receiving information and signals and communications..but whatever they are advertising, i like the graphics and the illustrated style, and know they will be cool either framed and displayed or used and abused in some modern creative way by you crafty types.. i have many more , actually hundreds more pages to list.. not just from this find, but from all the other books i have rescued.. watch this space.. or shop this place

Thursday, 23 July 2009

she loves me

so this week it was my birthday, and my 13 yr old niece made me the best gift ever, i told her to make me an abstract painting, which you can see here she did, and its very excellent in a Jackson Pollock style, however she also included in the parcel that arrived upon my door a quite amazing cross stitch that she designed herself..i swear i never told her to stitch this... and it blew my mind,its just so me, and so the saying that i always say about things,..the text and colours really work and the cake looks so yummy..
thanks Lisa, ill love it forever more than any cake..but not as much as i love you....
click pictures to see bigger

Monday, 20 July 2009

a very lucky find

so a few weeks back i had a very lucky find at the car boot sale...it was the end of the day and all the stalls were packing away, and this one man was shouting, "everything 50p, so i ambled over for a browse, squeezed past all the other bargain hunters and saw a lovely little leather case, i had a peek inside and the proverbial golden light shone from inside, because it was full of lovely old sewing things, spools, threads,zips,buckles and buttons.so i asked how much for everything, thinking he would want more for the contents, but no, 50p, he said, thanks i said, paid and skipped away happy with my find...very bloody delighted with my find... and it was only when i got it home and had a proper rummage did i see at the bottom of it, some stamps from 1957,and the embossed E=R, which for one moment i thought meant the queen herself once owned this case.but i was then informed by my David, that this was the royal mail logo..so a postman must have owned this, what a dapper case to carry the mail, don't you agree ? and the case I'm keeping for myself, its currently full with old book pages that I'm very slowly working through listing in the shop and now in said shop, I'm selling all the contents..
i cant wait to see what lucky finds ill have the next time i go to the car boot sale...

Friday, 17 July 2009


so some weeks ago i gave a quick glimpse of something i have been working on,something i did when i had a spare few minutes, just scribbling away and seeing what i ended up with, and here it is, and i really quite like it, its not precise, its not perfect, its not so boringly detailed, well, it is just doodled..but now i just don't know what to do with it ?, do i sell it as an original ?, or do i make copies/prints, this is an area I'm not really familiar with...any advice ?, i did enjoy making it though and have always loved the "home is where the heart is " slogan, but wanted to make it more personal, i have a mirror at home that onto i painted the slogan, "there is no place like homo"...see what i did there ?..I'm just too clever...not, stupid, definitely, but do i giggle lots, yes.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

medical emergency

so not me, no emergencies here, not after i found an incredible old medical encyclopedia jam packed full of quite excellent and often quite scary images and illustration's, that like all good book lovers, i ripped out and aim to sell... this first image is the best though, and i might keep it for myself, i love the colours and the details...and this next little collage shows some of the other pages i tore out, and if i ever need to give a man a fireman's lift,or god forbid, one day i need to floss my teeth, ill be covered with these pages... and they will soon be in the shop..

Thursday, 9 July 2009

ive been up north

so the last few months it seems like i have been here there and everywhere, and this past few days have been no different, i travelled back to the homeland and celebrated my niece's 13th birthday, and the day started with balloons..lots of balloons..and then we had fun by the west cumbrian seaside, lots of fun..we star jumped, and i made lisa, my beautiful niece, pose for a gazillion pictures...and we then relaxed in the sun as the sea splashed in front of us..and then after cakes and blowing out candles, we went back to a different part of the seaside where the day that started with balloons ended with them too as lisa let them go up into the sky.... i love you lisa, hope you had a fun day, i did.xx

Thursday, 2 July 2009

from new york to london

so as I'm sure your bored stupid by now of my new york tales, after all i was only there for one and a quarter day... but I'm just finishing off by showing the few things i did buy, well i got these two cushions/pillows from crate and barrel, who were having quite a lovely sale, the blue ikat style one was only $12.00 with the feather insert included.. and the little striped one was reduced from $25.00 to only $4.00..how could i leave without them ?.. the glass hand in front of them, i got from urban outfitters.. it was one of the only things in the shop i did like..and also from crate and barrel i fond these cotton napkins that I'm going to make into more cushions/pillows, i think it must be an American thing, because the choice was just bonkers, i really think people in England just wipe their mouths on the tablecloth..or in my case my sleeve ? i wouldn't know where to go for napkins ?...
and that's about it, we did get some sweets from Dylan's candy bar, but they didn't last long enough for a picture to be taken. and David did design and make his own Muppet in fao schwarz, that was stupidly expensive,..good pictures here of the whatnot workshop where yo do it. between me and you i don't think he really liked it after it was made..but it was too late, and its never been out of its bag since we got It home... and I'm now getting excited by my next holiday, but its a whole 5 months away, how will i cope....