Thursday, 9 July 2009

ive been up north

so the last few months it seems like i have been here there and everywhere, and this past few days have been no different, i travelled back to the homeland and celebrated my niece's 13th birthday, and the day started with balloons..lots of balloons..and then we had fun by the west cumbrian seaside, lots of fun..we star jumped, and i made lisa, my beautiful niece, pose for a gazillion pictures...and we then relaxed in the sun as the sea splashed in front of us..and then after cakes and blowing out candles, we went back to a different part of the seaside where the day that started with balloons ended with them too as lisa let them go up into the sky.... i love you lisa, hope you had a fun day, i did.xx


Katy said...

oooh, up North? Did you cope ok? All the fresh air and wide open spaces?

Looks like a great day - happy birthday to Lisa!!!


Awww, you must be favourite Uncle... what fun!