Tuesday, 28 July 2009

tuning in

so i have just listed these pages in the shop, and i really like them.. these were found in a dirty old bruised book that i got at the car boot and it is/was full of adverts for different American radio and communications companies, i think they date from the 1940s.
i get the feeling its not radios like we have today where we listen to music or the news, but radios more used for receiving information and signals and communications..but whatever they are advertising, i like the graphics and the illustrated style, and know they will be cool either framed and displayed or used and abused in some modern creative way by you crafty types.. i have many more , actually hundreds more pages to list.. not just from this find, but from all the other books i have rescued.. watch this space.. or shop this place

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Brook said...

oh thats a cool find!