Sunday, 26 October 2008

talented friends

so my friend zoe makes me sick..i hate her and think everything she makes is rubbish and I'm amazed that she actually sells anything at all....OK OK so I'm jealous..jealous that I'm not half as creative as she is, jealous that she has so much talent and im envious of her enthusiasm for what she does that is evident in everything she makes,...oh and yeah did i say she is just a lovely nice all hate her now too don't you ?
well i visited her at spitalfields market a while back and stood in awe at her goodies, ...and as you can see from these few pictures her stuff is fab...all hand made by her dainty lady like fingers and all presented in a fun individual way...her ever growing range has been worn by our favourite crack addict Amy winehouse, and super skinny kiera knightly even bought something from her stall..Zoe's business is called love from hetty and dave and you can see more of it dont hate her..she is lovely..


Pfeiffer Photos said...

Those little owls are pretty dang cute!

Zo Zo Gabor said...

Aaaww! Zut alors! You made me blush! x