Tuesday, 28 October 2008

tag, im it

so i have been tagged by camilla and you know how it works....7 things etc etc...

1.my current favorite programme is the Gilmore girls..i want to live in Stars Hollow and eat at Luke's every day and be friends with miss patty and be best friends with Sukie and her handsome husband,.... when he had a beard in the early series, he was seriously my type of man.

2.in exactly 5 weeks time i will be in a hotel nr gatwick getting stupidly excited about my holiday in Walt Disney world in Florida...my 2nd visit this year and i get more excited every time.

3.i work part time in a small children's shop and not so long ago served sporty spice, Mel c, and when she left with her purchase, me and my boss looked at each other and screamed ...I'm a 32 yr old big bald hairy Northerner...so this should not have happened.

4.as i type this list, my husband David is asleep next to me, he works in a proper very responsible big corporate job that fills him with stress and worry, and I'm so incredibly lucky that he supports me in what i do and puts no real pressure on me to earn more so i can contribute more..

5.i once thought great success would come my way, but I'm now not so interested in aspiring to big things,..I'm happy with my dreams and not bothered all that much with achieving them...well maybe some of them ?

6.I'm not at all shy about having my picture taken, and have taken a self portrait every Thursday for the last 36 weeks in a row and posted them on the flickr group self portrait Thursday...i find myself planning in advance what i might or could do.

7.i get attached to inanimate objects and stupidly think that they have feelings..but i more often than not lose this feeling and happily let them go...have you ever felt sorry for something in a charity shop and felt the need to give it a better home ?..well that's me..I'm an idiot.

so i know im supposed to tag 7 other people now...but im not gonna do that...just tag yourself if your reading this..its kinda fun to put down in words some of the things in your head..


Stacey said...

Gilmore Girls has such a homey cozy feel, it would be nice to live there and it looks like a place that would appreciate the handmade.

Everything Stops for Tea said...

love love love the gilmore girls!!! - plus men with beards - they are just the best aren't they!

the projectivist said...

ha ha ha! (laughing at the Spice Girl screaming!)
what did they buy?!!

i get attached to magazines.
when i had to move house and do a major cull, you'd have thought i was having my left leg amputated.

ahhhhh the possibilities encased in a freshly purchased magazine...