Monday, 20 October 2008

spot the dog

so yeah we all know its autumn and its a pretty time of the year, but mainly it just passes us by as we all get on with our lives, but sometimes it really does just grab your eyes and says look at me...and this happened in the toilet opposite my house...also known as the park where my dog poops...look at this...can you see her..
well here she is..shes called charlie and she is a i mean it, shes a bitch, i do love her but OMG, she drives me mental...she is the greediest dog in the world and will happily eat all day long if we let her, she whines and whimpers when she is not getting attention and seems to have the ability to get on the bed in the middle of the night without us even knowing until we turn over and her bum is in our faces..but, she is also stupidly slushy and gives the best cuddles...and if i say so myself she takes a might fine picture...and in this amazingly lovely field of crunchy colorful leaves she looks so content, when actually I'm sure if she could have spoke she wold have said, throw the stick fatso....

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Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Oh Steven! Your doggie isn't a bitch. She just loves you and your man so very much! She can't enough lovin'!~~~XXOO, Beth