Thursday, 21 August 2008

other peoples rubbish

so other peoples rubbish is usually my gold...if you know what i mean..look what i found recently at my local junk market that makes me smile and makes others sister thinks I'm just weired for buying an old rusty battered used kids paint set..but to me its got lovely qualities that i find attractive..its been used so it makes me wonder by who, and what did they paint with it ?..these are things ill never know...but i like the thought..
and just look how amazing this old watercolour chart is..when i saw this at spitalfields antiques market it was mine even before i asked how much..its currently lent up against a wall...and there it might stay for a long time...instant art..and that is what I'm gonna do with the paint tin..i intend to use the lid and hang it on a wall..
but before i throw away the used paints..i think i want to use them to paint my own picture...and i think I'm gonna use the watercolour chart as inspiration...i want to make a grid of squares and i will paint each one with whatever colour comes from each used paint block...i will blog about this when i do it...don't you think that's a nice idea..?..i do..
so someone else's rubbish really will be my gold...if you know what i mean.


Magic Jelly said...

I LOVE the tin those watercolours are in! I wish I still had that kind of thing from when I was a kid, but alas, my mum used to cull our bedrooms with brutal regularity, & gone are my original 1970s Blythe doll, my Bionic Woman lunchbox with matching flask, & my treasured Etchasketch.

BTW...thank you for taking such an interest in my Paper Chase! :)

susan said...

I love that post, you are not alone. I've acquired many a item that my family questions my sanity on a daily basis. The watercolors are beyond lovely & a great find.

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

What fabulous finds! WOW!~~XXOO, Beth

Sarah said...

That is a nice idea and I do know what you mean. I look forward to seeing your old paint painting!