Tuesday, 12 August 2008

im a sheep

so it seems that everyone in the world has one of these..and i want one too..but I'm not sure why ?...or which colour to get..i think the yellow is my favorite...i have a yellow thing going on in my house..its just a happy colour..and i don't know about you guys but i do need to "keep calm and carry on" sometimes...I'm a terrible internal guilt collector..its because i have a head bursting with unfinished projects and ideas and a body that's too lethargic to do much about it...so looking at this as i sit and panic might help...its from here..and this lady has one of the best blogs out there..she is a daily treat for my eyes..


La Alicia said...

thanks, I need a reminder today to do just that! ;)

sko_G knits said...

see what you've done, now i want one for myself as well!