Sunday, 3 August 2008

i should be so lucky

so this last week saw me dancing like an idiot to miss Kylie Minogue at the massive 02 arena, here in sweaty London.. i only have 2 dance moves and i used them both to maximum effect all through the concert..apart from the sit down bits when i demonstrated some fancy chair dances which involved heavy use of the shoulders....

the concert was not the best i have ever been to as she did lots of songs even i did not know ?, but it was easily one of the most visually powerful with brilliant use of the gigantic video walls behind her,

and we had the best seats, directly in the middle at the back which gave us a perfect full frontal view...the atmosphere was electric and when she sang "i should be so lucky" at the end i thought my legs were gonna fall off as i was using my 2 moves at their most effective then..

i have seen Kylie 3 times in concert now but the most memorable time seeing her was a few years ago at her sisters concert at a small club in London,and at the end on walked Kylie to give her sister some flowers..and this was Kylie's first public appearance since her breast cancer nightmares...and I'm not joking when i say i thought the club would explode with all the screams and cheers and shouting and was incredible and ill never forget it..but last Wednesday will keep me visually satisfied until the next time...

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Anonymous said...

I wish Kylie would do a show in Toronto, I'd love to see her live! I think I'd be doing the same kind of one or two move dancing, lol. My dancing repertoire is lacking!

(I found your blog on the Etsy forums, just incase you were wondering!)