Sunday, 29 June 2008


so i have been tagged by jen from numptynumpty and you know the rules I'm sure...7 facts about me and i have to tag 7 don't be angry with me..ill happily give 7 facts about I'm gonna leave the tagging open to you guys...i don't wanna impose anything on anyone...sorry...tag yourself...why not.. was 10 years since i graduated from fashion college..i thought i would have taken over the world by now..but you know what, i now couldn't care less about all that pretentious rubbish..i hate clothes shopping..if it fits me and does not make me look fatter than i am then I'm happy..

2..I'm already finding it hard to think of fact number 2 so I'm gonna just say if i could live in any country it would be the US of A..I'm built for their portion sizes and refillable drinks and i like the trashy daytime telly which is soooo much better than ours..

3..i help out in a shop called carry me home and look after the website and blog and serve customers..and its here where i make most of the things i sell..or try to sell.

4..i dislike most sports immensely and find myself repulsed by the most overly passionate supporters...however i do like watching tennis and recently whilst watching at Wimbledon i got so angry i wanted to run on the court and show the rubbish player how to hit the ball over the net and not into it...i turned into a hooligan for a few seconds..

5..i would love to move away from London and live in the countryside or near the seaside...London makes me agitated and uncomfortable and its too busy and expensive.

6..i have the most amazing vivid dreams where many exciting unexplainable things all happen at once..

7..i would love to see all the worlds sights and views but i fear the only ones i will see are gonna be Disney related..i have been on a Disney holiday 5 times in the past 3 years...and i love it more every time...

boring facts but i never know what to put...your turn now...go tag yourself...

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