Thursday, 19 June 2008

i have actually made something that sells

so for a while now i have been making things that just don't seem to sell..and whilst that's a shame..ill cope with it as i live by the rule that the right person has not seen them yet...and when that person does..the stuff i make will sell..i hope, but i have actually made a few things recently that sold almost as soon as i put them on the shop floor..these colourful quilts that i made for my friends shop carry me home are simply a big soft bright square of fun and they are lots of fun to make..

now please don't confuse me with someone who follows any traditional quilting rules...coz i don't, and frankly i don't know what those rules actually are..i just know that as long as they keep selling..i will keep making them..and i might even get a few listed in etsy..

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