Tuesday, 22 March 2011

splendid stuff

just a few snaps of whats caught my eye this last few days, i got this book at he local car boot sale for 50p, and i do believe that everything should have the word splendid, in it, its just a splendid word.. and inside was this book plate that i thought was quite appropriate what with all the news about bullying and retaliation that is all over blog world at the minute.. have you seen this ?.. some agree , some disapprove. i know who i was applauding...
and secondly after making that bib for my little nephew zachary, i hunted for some fabric suitable for boys.. making only girls dresss has resulted in me having a pile of girlie styles, and this one is just perfect.
and finally i have been cutting out dozens of 20cm squares ready for more quilts, i kinda love making them as they are easy and splendidly effective.. i love that word..

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