Thursday, 24 March 2011

more things

a few more snaps of whats been going on here, which apart from constant sewing is not much at all, but i wanted to show off my view, because every day when i wake up and wonder how the hell did i end up here (very long story i wont bore you with) all i need to do is look out of my window and i turn my frown upside down.. do ignore the ugly wires that cut across my view, but look, every morning its like my own private turner painting..
did i tell you i had a new stockist for my things ?.. maybe not, anyway i had to try and come up with some quick tags to put the price and size on.. so i got my graphic designers head on and knocked these out, i hand stamped the words and i really quite liked them, UNTIL, i realised the bloody ink was very easily smudged, so i couldn't risk the ink rubbing off on the dresses so in the bin these went.. that's an hour of my life ill never get back..
and finally just a small corner of my room that caught my cameras eye..

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