Monday, 1 November 2010

first market done...

so as i said a few posts ago, i took part in my first market this weekend, and well, lets just say i learnt lots. firstly, where the stalls were positioned was rubbish, away from the main Halloween activities, and the weather was so horrible with lots of rain, BUT i did sell some dresses and i covered all costs, which was good.
when i do the next one i will know what to expect. i now know how big the table is, how big the stall that the table goes in is, and how to set up the stall to make it look good.
and mainly i learnt not to forget chairs... it would have been a very long dull day without having borrowed a chair from a neighbouring stall. so it certainly wasn't brilliant, but I'm confident, and hopeful that things can only get better.. god i hope they can.

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Everything Stops for Tea said...

It's all a scary learning process isn't it. I sold three things at the first craft fair I did, but got commissions on top of it so it was worth the tears in the end and I've learned lots for the next one which is in about 5 1/2 weeks (eek!! best get sewing!) I bet you get loads more orders who wouldn't want one of those dresses - they are mega cute!