Monday, 22 November 2010

busy busy

the last few weeks i have been working much harder than i really like, i actually don't much like working at all, but that stuff printed on paper i suppose wont make itself.. so i have to work to get it.. and all this activity that saw steam rising from my sewing machine was for the markets i have been doing recently and this weekend i went a ridiculously fancy country house hotel to take part in a Christmas fair.. this was my stall, i really liked how it looked.. i didn't sell much really,it seems that cupcakes and jams are what most people will be getting this year as those stalls almost sold out..


jennyflower said...

Hey Steven- might that pocket mirror with the cat on turn up in your Etsy shop sometime? (hint hint) x

Everything Stops for Tea said...

I can't believe you didn't sell loads... people must have left their taste at home!