Monday, 30 August 2010

no more tricks

so i think I'm in love with an elephant,or three, and can you blame me, look, they are just too lovely.with their colorful big trunks and floppy big ears and big bold eyes, how can you not fall for them too.
everyone knows the famous song Nellie he elephant, and i really love the lyrics

"Nellie the elephant pack her trunk and
Said goodbye to the circus
Of she road with a trumpety trump
Trump trump trump"

"Nellie the elephant packed her trunk
And trumbled of to the jungle
Of she road with a trumpety trump
Trump trump trump"

"Night by night she danced to the circus band
When Nellie was leading the big parade she looked
So proud and grand"

"No more tricks for Nellie to perform
They taught her how to take a bow and she took
To crowd by storm"

so no more tricks for these guys to perform, just new homes to be found, and they are in myhappyaccidents now. i loved making these, its satisfying when one of those bubbling ideas turns out so well.


carry me home said...

Hey! Your parcel just arrived - i loooove the elephants! Especially the one with pink stripes :)
And the dresses are lovely too, the one with beads and cakes and macaroons and roses is the cutest dress ive ever seen - its got all my fave things on haha! Also really love the little nautical one :)

carry me home said...

You HAVE to make a girraffe!! They are my bf's favourite animals, will buy one for him!! Awww was going to ask where you got that cake/ macaroon fabric from :( Will have a look in my fave fabric shop, whos it by, micheal miller?