Saturday, 21 August 2010

countryside fun

so today i went to the gosforth agricultural show, and it was totally bonkers and brilliant all at the same time and totally reminded me of my childhood when i used to enter and often win the kids sections of my village show...this one today was a chance for the local farmers to parade their best cows and fluffiest sheep and chickens and polish their biggest onions, and for the kids and amateur craftsters of the surrounding villages to get out their paints and and knitting needles,..i loved the way the displays were presented and how little certificates were awarded to the best in show.. be it for runner bean or prepare for a picture heavy post, words are not needed..

and i know I'm new to these country ways and my big city ideas might cloud my thoughts and opinions but surely even i cant have been the only one to spot the obviously obscene cactus... it didn't even win first prize.. it was robbed.... it was a winner in my eyes.


D R E W said...

reminds me of the county fair when i was little.

it also reminds me of this little britain sketch...

Everything Stops for Tea said...

brilliant! - I LOVE country fairs! that one looked like a lot of fun!