Tuesday, 24 November 2009

im here

so hello, sorry i have been absent from my blog, but as you may remember i have been moving house, and I'm sure you know just how traumatic that can be, and this proved to be the case with me, it wasn't just a change of roof over my head but a fresh new beginning, one that i didn't really want, but hey, here i am and life goes on.

oh and yeah, you know how i got the job i couldn't talk about, well i can now because i quit, it just wasn't me, anthropologie is an incredible shop, and everyone was so nice, but as a place to work, not for me. simple as that, and what with moving house and having some life changes, it all just came at the wrong time, and i don't want to be a name on a clipboard, and that's all i was really. anyway, to get me back into the blog habit, here are just a couple of snaps showing details of my new place, ill take more and show them when i get more sorted.

I'm finding the opportunity to lie on my bed and just relax far too tempting at the moment,after a good few months of upheaval, i feel i deserve the chance to breathe. hope everyone is well, whats new ?

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Sarah said...

Hi Steven, Glad you are back! It sounds as if you have been having a tricky time recently so the urge to have a rest seems perfectly reasonable. Hope things settle down for you soon. The new place looks good so far.
Anthropologie is impressive but I could not imagine working there either-too perfect almost. I had this weird feeling as I was looking round that they are just trying to sell me a lifestyle and a look and, lovely though it is, I want to hunt out my own exciting finds, rather than have them all neatly presented to me on a plate. I liked the art gallery feel to it though.
That's my Anthropologie rant over with.
Take care x