Sunday, 29 November 2009

i miss my cat

so i miss my cat, as part of my house move, i had to say goodbye to my cat and dog, hopefully its only a temporary farewell as they are both in temporary homes, but having just seen this on etsy, it made me sigh a sad sigh, my cat cheese was not exactly a lap cat, and would only tolerate a few cuddles, but i miss her so much.

I'm not ashamed to say i cried a few tears when i waved her goodbye last week..this is from craft smiths, and its just lovely.


CitricSugar said...

Go ahead and cry. I would and did. I had to part with mine for a year and a half when I moved out of town into a building without pets. If he hadn't been able to live with my family, I might have refused to move period.

Sarah said...

Oh that's really sad. I couldn't stand to have to leave my cats so I can imagine how you feel. Hope you are reunited with your cat and dog soon. x

Vic said...

I didn't dare ask whether the pets were moving it with you too. I'm sure it'll be just temporary and you'll figure it out. I know just how important little furry beasts are! :-) xx

vintage girl said...

Hello: Merry Christmas !!

Sarah said...

Hi Steven,
Hope you are ok and that Christmas is good to you. Come back to blogland soon!
Sarah x