Saturday, 26 September 2009

im still here

so this last few weeks i have travelled the world and been busier than a busy thing... OK, so this might not exactly been true, i have actually been nowhere and done very little, and the poor blog has been neglected.. good job me and this blog didn't sign a pre nup, or it would now be asking for half of nothing.. but i have been out and about and to get me back into the blog way, here is what has caught my eye the last few weeks.. firstly my silly dog charlie. she is happiest when a ball is about to be thrown for her, either in the house or in the park, she just gives me look as if to say.. "come on fatty throw the bloody ball"

and its been really nice weather here the last few weeks, not too hot but nice and crisp, perfect ball throwing conditions..
and the next thing i saw and i totally got out my pennies to buy, were these little blocks i saw in a local charity shop, they are just so brilliant and each one is different and so colorful, what are these called ?.. i have no idea.(my david hates them)..

and the last thing that made me get out my camera was this tower that has been built down by the river, next to the royal festival hall, its part of 100% design festival that is taking place around London now, and I'm rubbish because i forgot to note down who did this but it was really striking..

and when stood inside it and looking up, it made for an even better photo opportunity, it was made from what looked like giant cardboard tubes.. wonder if i could recreate this with bog roll tubes ?..
so I'm back to blogging and have lots to show, i have been making lots of things to sell in carry me home, dresses and some amazing little capes.. i maybe see another, etsy shop happening soon... but then again.. maybe not. ill just share them here.. and sell them here


Sarah said...

Charlie looks really sweet! I like the cubes-I have a little house with a roof that I keep the three pigs and the wolf in for story telling. I got it at Lewisham People's Day years ago and I think it was made by an old lady. Your cubes look like they are made from the same stuff. Have a good weekend!

vintage girl said...

Hello , steve:
I like your pictures ,and cubes.
Have fun,nice day.

Katy said...

Your David is clearly a man with limited taste, can't he see those blocks are lovely? ;)

I am waiting for your bog roll tower with delight and anticipation. Come on, stop throwing balls at the dog and get sticking.

whitney-anne said...

I'm liking the cubes - been thinking of making something similar myself, just as a decorative thing from retro fabric.