Monday, 2 February 2009

snow madness

so it snows in london today and the whole city falls apart,no trains, busses, and even shops have had to stay closed, the roads are un-drivable and the pathways are slippy and messy...but its brilliant....its all over the news and its affecting everything..but its brilliant...long may it continue, im all for being made to stay in my house and stay warm..i know in some parts of the world snow is a daily thing to deal with and apparantly in some countries people strap big long bits of wood to there feet and slide down it but here in england its stll cause for panic and distress, schools have to close and plastic boxes get turned into sledges but i love it, and i dont think anyone will make a better snowman than i did, even if mine is only about 10cm tall and on the top of my bin.


Anonymous said...

Great photos and I love the snowmans expression. I am in California and its sunny and warm but your post reminds me of my original home in New York!

Vic said...

I LOVE the mini mini snowman!