Thursday, 19 February 2009

i might buy this

so as you might be aware I'm going to my favorite place this coming Monday, the grand ole U S of A, and im mega excited to visit Las Vegas for the first time where i will be mainly spending time in urban outfitters where i think i might buy this printed rug, its only $14.00 and i like it... should i buy it ?i also really like this coat rack, its just so erm, well, its just very welcoming, but my stupid landlord really does not approve of us putting things up on the walls so its not something i could use just yet, but one day in the future im sure ill have a wall to call my own, should i buy it ?
we do have urban outfitters here in london but they are rubbish compared to the ones in america, and thats why im mega excited.


Vic said...

American Urban Outfitters lways looks great - i totally agree about the London ones. Complete rubish!

By the sound of it, you and David will be going on holiday with empty suitcases for all your shopping!

I really hope to go to Vegas one day. My boyfriend says i am a plastic tat magpie, and so i figure Las Vegas may be my Mecca!

Sarah said...

I think the 'Welcome' coat rack is great. You could always take it down and fill the holes before you move out if you have a fussy landlord!
Have fun in Vegas!