Friday, 29 February 2008

new treasures

just a quickie to show what new treasures are in stevensstuff . having this vintage etsy shop has so changed my way of looking at things...see that dog below, once over he would have been mine all mine but now i want to give him a better home in a better place, and truthfully i wanna earn some dollars from him...i now look at all money in terms of dollars, thanks to etsy, and the fact that in a few weeks I'm off to Florida for some Disney fun, so every dollar earned is for me to buy more stuff i don't need. and that simply makes me happy..."i like stuff i don't need"...there i said it...

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

amy butler inspired me

so i just entered a competition here and i had much fun doing so, this really got my head in a spin and i really like what i came up with...its been ages since i made a bag, they used to be all i once made, but recently my head has been into different things..but not anymore...I'm bursting with it had to be inspired by Amy butler, her fabrics, her life or whatever we felt when we thought of her my bag does not use any of her fabric..i think that would have been a bit obvious and predictable. so i re-visited a style i used some years ago...and that is the embroidery hoop as a handle,and i combined it with something I'm into at the moment, and that's ribbons and braids..and i love the end result...oh and its now in my etsy for sale..if you want it...i hope someone does ?..and as far as the competition goes i will just have to wait and see, if you follow the above link you can see the other entries in the flickr just thankfull i have re-found some passion for what i can do.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

hello cupcake

so there i was walking along minding my own business when i slipped on a puddle of drool.....admittedly it was my own drool as i had just seen these amazing cakes in the window of a fancy little shop in the brand spanking new st pancras international train station...look at them..they make me drool...but you already new that..i did not even buy one, just took a picture and put them on my ever expanding list of must do things,under stop drooling at cakes.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

im an antiques expert

so the last few weeks or so i have been trawling the streets looking for vintage treasures to sell in my sparkly new etsy shop stevensstuff .for ages now i have been looking through the vintage section of etsy and i have been getting more and more excited to start this new adventure, and so far its a success, i sold 6 things in the first few weeks, and that to me is brilliant, i love taking the pictures and styling them to make the products look the best they can....and i hope you will agree that my shop looks nice, i kinda like it more than my handmade shop at the moment...but i wont give up on that, maybe i just need some new for now its a vintage way for me, with a few supplies thrown in for good david looks at what i get and just shakes his head in horror, but as i always persons trash is another persons gold..

so you know what im gonna say next...go NOW to stevensstuff and grab yourself some vintage.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

valentines memory

so i know it was a few days ago now but i just wanted to show you guys firstly some amazing flowers that were for sale at a train station i went through the day before they were beautiful and the colours intense but can you guess how much they were..only £45.00 a bunch..or to you guys in the US, $90.00, now dont you think thats disgusting..i would rather be given the cash..

and now to what i got from my david, he knows me so well and came home with this amazingly spotty colourful incredibly brilliant tea pot and matching cups...i LOVE it sooo only disappointment is that he does not drink tea, or coffee so i will be pouring tea for the luckiest man alive to have him in my life....look at it, its brilliant.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

sunny wanderings

so i have lived in london for over 10 years now and still have not done most of the things and places tourists seem to flock to...untill yesterday when a friend came to visit and we went to the Tower of London...the place of many executions and historical moments in history...and the home of the crown jewels, and we had a lovely time..the place is like a mini town within some massively thick walls, and what struck me was just how beautiful it is inside ..i would never have guessed such amazing buildings and details..oh and the sun was shining super bright and made the whole place really come alive...

many kings and queens and stupidly famous historical figures have passed through the cobbled streets and have been im-prisoned in its cells and had their heads chopped off, that the place almost seems unreal..and if i dare say it...a little bit like a disney theme park..

but the thing that blew my mind most was that the Beef Eaters, who guard the place and do the tours, all live within the grounds and the fact that they sleep where Henry the 8th once wandered, kinda makes me go wow..and i found the house i want to move into...look at this..its like some new york townhouse, but its inside the Tower of London..and some lucky bugger calls this home....its just opposite where Anne Bolyn lost her head...literally...what a fun day...maybe i should get out more..

Friday, 8 February 2008

i actually made some more things...

so sit down and take a breath, because the laziest man in england (me) actually made some more things..more toys, or accidents as i call them..and they are all lovely in there own unique not telling which one of them likes to oil himself up and pose for will have to shoot over to my shop to see for yourself..go on hurry...and i have been a very busy boy setting up a new etsy shop...more of that soon..