Tuesday, 12 February 2008

sunny wanderings

so i have lived in london for over 10 years now and still have not done most of the things and places tourists seem to flock to...untill yesterday when a friend came to visit and we went to the Tower of London...the place of many executions and historical moments in history...and the home of the crown jewels, and we had a lovely time..the place is like a mini town within some massively thick walls, and what struck me was just how beautiful it is inside ..i would never have guessed such amazing buildings and details..oh and the sun was shining super bright and made the whole place really come alive...

many kings and queens and stupidly famous historical figures have passed through the cobbled streets and have been im-prisoned in its cells and had their heads chopped off, that the place almost seems unreal..and if i dare say it...a little bit like a disney theme park..

but the thing that blew my mind most was that the Beef Eaters, who guard the place and do the tours, all live within the grounds and the fact that they sleep where Henry the 8th once wandered, kinda makes me go wow..and i found the house i want to move into...look at this..its like some new york townhouse, but its inside the Tower of London..and some lucky bugger calls this home....its just opposite where Anne Bolyn lost her head...literally...what a fun day...maybe i should get out more..


High Desert Diva said...

Funny how we never seem to do the tourist things in our own backyard.

Contrariwise said...

I visited Moscow a couple of years ago and a friend of mine (a 5th generation Mosovite)took me around. One of the places I wanted to go to was St Basil's Cathedral. Afterwards, she thanked me for suggesting it - it was the first time she had ever gone there!

(I'm guilty of the same thing. There are lots of US sites I want to visit, but haven't gotten around to.)