Saturday, 16 February 2008

valentines memory

so i know it was a few days ago now but i just wanted to show you guys firstly some amazing flowers that were for sale at a train station i went through the day before they were beautiful and the colours intense but can you guess how much they were..only £45.00 a bunch..or to you guys in the US, $90.00, now dont you think thats disgusting..i would rather be given the cash..

and now to what i got from my david, he knows me so well and came home with this amazingly spotty colourful incredibly brilliant tea pot and matching cups...i LOVE it sooo only disappointment is that he does not drink tea, or coffee so i will be pouring tea for the luckiest man alive to have him in my life....look at it, its brilliant.


Jennifer Rose said...

£45!! o.0 That is enough money to plant a whole garden with flowers (and some veggies if you wanted).
Gorgeous tea pot!

High Desert Diva said...

Love the colorful polka dots! How fun!