Thursday, 20 November 2008

its christmaaaaaaas

so here in London certain streets seem to compete with each other for the best Christmas lights, and this picture shows 2 streets near where i spend most of the week, the left image is regents street which has gigantic star shaped nets strung across the street and the picture on the right shows Carnaby street where this year they have put massive snowmen up the whole street, and between me and you, they are a bit scary, but still brilliant...i love Christmas and i really want to put my tree up this it to early ? the pics to make bigger...


jojoebi said...

OOOOOoooooo I miss the Christmas lights and panto's so much.
I was just dropping by to say hello, I have taken a pledge to post comments on all the blogs I read and delurk myself.
I love all the quirky things you post and posts like this that remind me of home.
the pledge

Brook said...

yay!!! I love christmas!

Sarah said...

Did you see the fake snow? I like the pretty lights they always put in Blackheath village.
I think you could just about get away with this weekend as it is nearly December!

susan said...

i'm so jealous, living in the desert it just feels like any other day. I miss snow & gorgeous lights. Put the tree up I know I am this week!

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