Thursday, 15 May 2008

lego loveliness

so there i was in Lego world...a massive shop in downtown Disney in Florida...did i mention i have just been on holiday ?..i was looking for a gift and getting some air conditioned cool air before going out into the stupidly hot heat...when i saw this whole wall covered in little Lego men...there must have been thousands of them and they were all different...look how brilliant it is..I'm not really a Lego fan but i would have such fun building this...not sure where it would live though ?


lovely textiles said...

it'd make a fantastic wall in your house... go on, go for it. Imagine how much fun you could have playing with it! Just thought I'd stop by in a spare moment. hope you're good. xelvis

babyhoot. said...

how funny, we were in WDW exactly one year ago. it was... magical! My son will love your lego photo. He's a lego mania.

Nodin's Nest said...

wow, never seen that. My son would go bananas!