Friday, 26 October 2007

im in love...with a horse shaped vase

so again my heart has been beating far too fast, and this is why...I'm not telling where i found it just yet as I'm scared someone will buy it before i do..don't you agree its possibly the best looking thing you have ever seen, i know one of my fave bloggers Elizabeth Holcombe will agree with me(see my blog list)
its not 100% mine yet as the postage might be massive but if its OK then unbeknown to my sister she is buying me this for Christmas....i know my David will hate it with a passion, but not me.....I'm in love....

UPDATE UPDATE (some hours later)...its mine..i bought it, and i cant wait to get it and display it like some treasure...and i can now tell you where it was found...well i was just browsing some blogs and followed a link to one called creature comforts....thinking it would be about plushies or something similar, and the first thing i saw was this lovely thing i now own....i had actually seen it somewhere else a few weeks ago but forgot where, but not this time....the creature comforts blog is a visual treat full of lovely things, they have an etsy shop with other vintage lovelies....go to my best blogs and places for a link, and I'm sure ill blog again about this when its in my hands and causing my David to screw his face up in disgust and making my face break into a gigantic smile....


Ez aka Heather said...

Hi Steven!
Thanks so much for your sweet compliments in regard to my blog and our little etsy shop: Wren & Chickadee! You're a gem!

I can't wait to package this beautiful pony up and send it on it's merry way to you!

All the best!

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

I love that horsey vase! I am sooooo glad you got it! I just know it'll look fabulous in your place! I adore the expression on his face~~such large eyes!~~~XXOO, Beth