Sunday, 8 July 2007

talented friends

so one of my best friends is rather brilliant, i have known Nicola for many years now and her label is called Jessica James, and she produces lovely layered prints, in soft muted shades, that she applies to a home wares collection, including giant floor cushions and stunning linen throws. these prints are also worked in to a capsule clothing range that includes Cotton t shirts and silk kaftan's.

this first picture shows a selection of printed linen cushions, each print is hand done and this produces differences in image placement that makes each item unique

this next image is a close up on the layered prints that work together to compliment the style Nicola works towards

and this is my favourite print,and this is so Nicola, where i would normally choose the brightest colour in the room, Nicola always holds back, and always ends up with something so nice and something so wearable in such stunning colour combinations.

and these are some of the accessories Nicola designs, woven leather belts and printed leather coin purses with vintage buttons...oh and i helped to make these.....i bet you wish your friends were as talented as mine are...join Nicolas gang at her Jessica James myspace site...(see my links at the side)
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mushroommeadows said...

wow...those are beautiful!

Amanda Goode said...

Where can you buy her cushions, Steven ?

steven mcvay said...

hi amanda, im sure if you contact her at her myspace site she will give you more details...the link is in my blog, i so want some of them too, the floor cushions are so brilliant,and big and soft.