Tuesday, 24 July 2007

i was a birthday boy

so its been just over a week since my last post, and i have good reasons, firstly I'm a lazy bugger and secondly it was my birthday...so obviously i demanded lovely presents...i was not hoping for much especially as my David said he had not got me anything that i had asked for ? but just look at the wrapping paper he chose....he knows me so well...oh and look at charlsie, she was just hoping they were for her...but they were mine

and once they were ripped open i was truly spoiled rotten, he bought me a sparkly new digital camera,with a scary amount of features and buttons, a digital radio player, clothes,and a book that i wanted called living normally (more about this later) and some of the brilliant paperchase monsters stuff, as did my friend nick, well i actually dragged him into paperchase and said i want that one ,and this thing, ooh and ill have that too...thanks nick. and just look how nice everything looks together..you would think I'm a 13 yr old girl, but I'm not, I'm now a big bald 31 yr old hairy man....but i love it all.

and for my birthday treat, well all i wanted to do was to go to ikea and eat meatballs....and my David was not impressed, but it was my day so it was my choice, and it was great, ikea as usual was really busy and it was trek to get to it.but just look at my birthday meal....mmmmm yummmmy.

and after dinner we wandered around, me with a spring in my step as i love looking at nice things like furniture and cushions, and David wandered behind pretending to be interested....though he did choose a set of knives (so butch) whilst i wet my pants over a pile of printed cushions, i so wanted a gazillion million of them scattered all around my house but i resisted and took a photo instead...i do not need more cushions....or do i ?
so thank you to all who sent me nice things, the vouchers have been used, the chocolate has been eaten, the money is spent and I'm already excited for my next years birthday...only just under a year to wait, wonder what ill get ?

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Elizabeth Holcombe said...

What a wonderful burthday you had! Love the giftwrap and the presents! We love to eat at IKEA too :)