Tuesday, 29 May 2007

so much time and so little gets done

my second post and its about how so many days have gone by and i have done so little. where does all the time go ? how do i do nothing day ater day ? in my head i have a thousand things that need done, but only a few seem to have become reality, i have been making plushies, printing and painting, sewing and photographing,but still nothing is in my etsy shop, thats thursdays job, im determined to list on thursday, i will i promise.
but even though time is going so fast its still not stopped me checking out my fave blogs and just browsing through the wonderfull web to find new treasures to inspire and covet. in my head i have spent a small fortune purchasing all the amazing things i have seen.
anyway its my bed time so for now ill add some pics of whats going in my new etsy shop.

a happy accident to love.

more happy accidents are bound to happen.

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Anonymous said...

steven, thank you oh so much for the lovely message + email, really..so cute and made me smile. Thank you also for the link to your new blog! I love it and have bookmarked it so I can come back and check it out again soon! :)you're "happy accidents" are just delightful and i love them name!
xo heidi (mypapercrane)