Monday, 21 May 2007

my first ever post on my first ever blog

OH this is kinda scary but exciting at the same time, i have wanted to start a blog for a while now, ever since i have been reading other folks blogs, and getting inspiration from their/your creative colourful lives.

I'm not sure what i will be posting on here, but i know i do lead a strange colourful life, filled with crafting and creating, texture and pattern and sounds and sights, from the things i make to the grand musicals i watch and the craft stores i rummage through and the friends i have who are just as inspiring.

i will post pics of what i make and what i buy and what i see, i will comment on things i like and things i don't, if anything I'm gonna use this blog as a journal of me and whats making me tick.

so if your reading this, hello, and welcome, I'm sorry for my bad grammar and spelling but life is too short for me to be worrying about capital letters and the correct use of , and .

I'm now going to try and attach a pic with this, wish me luck. xx

ooh it seems to have worked,
I'm the mermaid with the flowing hair, the other lovely is my man/boyfriend/husband/best friend,David, call him what you will but hes mine.

he recently told me that he "likes my creativity but hates what i create", that made me laugh so much that its now our little joke, i know he don't mean it but hes brilliant at telling it how it is, he tells me when things are rubbish and when things are good, and he tolerates my liking for strange ornaments that i find in junk shops and at boot fairs.

I'm now going to put some pics on of my little house so you can see how we live surrounded by organised chaos, i like the phrase show and tell, that other bloggers use, so that's what I'm doing,and from these pics you might just learn a little about what inspires me and how it translates into what i make and how most things i do are full of colour and texture.

i just love my hi sign, a bargain from the car boot sale we go to every Sunday, oh and see my strange donkey flower vase, just could not leave without him.

my house is full of things i have made, like the cushions here, mixed with shop bought ones, like the ikea one also on the chair,next to more framed pics and a brass deer head ?, again i just had to get it.

we have shelves piled high with things, Disney figures, wind up toys,pictures and other little things that i just like.Davids fave Disney character is stitch.

i also buy fab stuff from other makers, and this ceramic palm tree on a jelly mould is one of my faves,i love it but David hates it,wait till you see my ceramic pineapple on a ceramic pillow.i will list my fave makers in another post.when i learn how to attach links etc. ?

one of my favourite things to find is animal shaped plant pot holders, and this little man is sat proudly next to my sink guarding the plants from bugs.

and my final picture for now is of my Mr potato head, that we made in disneyworld in Florida, hes proudly sat on my sink. next to some signs i just like and a lovely use of kids letter blocks.

oh i can already tell that I'm gonna get addicted to this blogging life, just like I'm addicted to looking at others, oh and I'm addicted to etsy, I'm new to that also but its my new project. more later about that , i don't want anyone looking at it until I'm happy with how it is and happy with what i have on their.
so for now, i know know one other than those i tell to read this will look at it, but if you do leave me a comment and laugh at my terrible english.



Alicia P. said...


Vanessa, A Fanciful Twist said...

Okay, pretend you have entered a room full of addicts.
(Using a super peppy, annoying, infomercial voice)

"Hiiii Steeeven, Welcome to the no cure for blogging addicts anonymous." You see, noone will know if you are addicted. Although, if your toosh starts to change shape because you have been sitting in front of the screen for too long, you are an addict. You see, I must confess, I am experiencing the toosh melt down. So, now everyday, when I wake up, I go out for a jaunt. Then I sit myself in front of this thing.

Although, I am having a hard time deciphering when it is time for me to leave blogging world. A death? child born to friend? Job? Do those take prescedence over blogging? he heeeee...

In all seriousness! You are such a fresh experience. And, I must know, how ever do you care for that scaley tale of yours?? And that long blond hair, hee hee....

You are a doll! Welcome!!! Lots of fun to come!

Marjorie said...

Thank You so much for your sweet comment on my blog ( which was accidentally and most regretfully deleted.....oooops! I'm Sorry! silly fingers WILL do such odd things if I do not keep them in check!)

Your blog looks lovely,indeed! Good luck with it and your Etsy shop! : )

jessica said...

hello, i just pressed the next button for the first time on the uk etsy blogger thing and your blog showed up! i just wanted to tell you how utterly cool those pictures of your house are, i dont see chaos, i see artfully placed lovely items, especially that hi sign. i wish my car boot sale had such treasures (i say my car boot as there is only one here).