Tuesday, 16 August 2011

i am the godfather

hello, its official, i am THE GODFATHER, i told the devil where to shove it and i became Scarlett Pearl Williams High's godfather, she has another godfather too but hes not as good as me... and we had an amazing day where she ran riot in the church and entertained us all, and then we had a lovely meal in a country pub and i took a gazillion photographs.
i bought her a brilliant little necklace from carry me home, that looks like a price tag, and inside the lovely packaging is a space for a message where i hand printed a little note, i also made us some badges to wear.
i promise to be the one who takes her to the things her parents are too cool to attend, i will expose her to camp musicals and silly things and force her to listen to pop music and watch reality television.

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