Thursday, 28 April 2011

royal me up

so unless you have been under a massive silly rock you will know that royal wedding insanity is gripping the world, and no more so than in my head, I'm so excited i might burst red white and blue glitter, i love a bit of traditional English pomp and ceremony and love the real life history that i will be watching.. but ultimately i guess I'm more excited about the dress and all the hats. and to feel more part of it this week i made myself a cushion from an old tea towel i found, yeah its not a wedding one, but hey, its got a crown on it.. and talking of crowns, i thought it was only correct to make sure i was wearing one whilst i watched the wedding on the TV..

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Lisa J said...

I'm fully on board with the wedding excitement! I got up at 2am (I'm in Canada, not a total fruit loop) to watch and was not dissapointed. I'd been so excited all week - it was AWESOME!! P.S I LOVE your crown. Why not?!