Monday, 7 February 2011


hello, i have not updated this thing since before Christmas, i have pretty much had the whole of January off and just hibernated like a tortoise, and ate too much food and got fatter, but i guess ill have to try and get back into some kind of routine.. how long do tortoises actually hibernate for ?  anyway this week i got an e mail of a magazine over in Korea, asking if i would send them some pics of my bedroom.. as they are doing a feature on boys and girls rooms, i didn't tell them I'm nearly 35, because i guess my room does look like it could belong to a small fluffy girl... but i got out my rubbish camera, on one of the greyest dullest days and tried my best to make light come from somewhere, i sent off the pics and so far i didn't get a reply telling me they were rubbish so here are a few of them to get me back into this blogging malarkey...

(after just looking at thesze pics again, bloody hell i really need a new camera. feel free to buy me one..)

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I am Julie said...

I love the look of those Disney board games on the wall!