Friday, 1 October 2010

no longer in love

so i am back from 3 days in London, and for the first time ever i couldn't wait to leave, i lived there somehow for nearly 13 years, and towards the end couldn't wait to get out, i just now find it a hectic crazy busy place that actually just drives me slightly mental, getting around is just hard work, the public transport sucks and its just not home to me anymore, and never will be again I'm sure. maybe i was rushing about too much trying to fit in everything i had to do and all the people i wanted to see ?. ill always go back to visit friends but will always be happy in the knowledge i can leave. so for now here are some of the sights i snapped with my little trusty phone camera.

can you guess which of the above images is my favourite one...

from top to bottom, 1,2 and 3 greenwich antiques market, 4, all the fun of the fair, 4, john lewis, 6, fur coat no knickers, 7, view from window on way home

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