Saturday, 18 September 2010

dressmaking robot

i feel like a dressmaking robot as its all i seem to be making at the moment.. and ill be making many many more over the next few months as i have just signed up to take part in 1 Halloween festival and 4 Christmas markets up here.. I'm excited to turn back time and be a stall holder once again, as many years ago i regularly had stall at Spitalfields market in London..but for now here are the newest ones i have made, i personally love the matroyshka fabric.. sometimes i really do wish i was a girl..

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I am Julie said...

Have you ever thought of trying to make those dresses, small, for Blythe dolls? My doll girls would look so adorable in them-since I only have human BOYS.

I LOVE the matryoshka fabric. I have a fascination with those dolls anyway.