Saturday, 3 April 2010

very talented friends

so my one of my best est friends Nicola Jane has just launched her new website, and its bloody lovely, its very paired down and cleanly shows of her unique style in a way that focuses on the work, rather than lots of fussy palava you often have to wade through before you actually see anything... we all know places like that don't we ?Nicola and me go way back to the days when in the middle of spitalfields market, where we each were selling our things,(she always sold more than me,i barely covered the cost of the taxi i used to get there) she would tell me tales of her pet duck, and how it slept, and she would lie flat across a chair to teach me the butterfly swimming stroke... we even once got told off for laughing too much.and i don't think its boasting to say that without my guiding influence and support, she wouldn't be where she is today,... well actually that's a massive lie because she now lives in New Zealand, and if i really had any power she would still be living just down the road and under that scary tunnel and next to the electricity sub station that hummed
to see much more of her work please do visit her new website, you wont be disappointed.. read the about bit, she sounds so fancy..
i miss you Nicola, but i miss your husband more!(i love you Chris) xx

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