Thursday, 25 February 2010

a new adventure

so yesterday i said openly i wish i was a girl... well that was me giving a written clue to my new etsy shop called... yeah you guessed it, i wish i was a girl.
its been ready to rumble since early January but only now have i got around to putting some things in it..
so imagine a big piece of pink ribbon across the virtual doors, and me holding a massive pair of scissors, cut, and i announce this new shop OPEN...... i have been making and selling these for ages now, and if i say so myself have sold lots.. all in different lovely fabrics...all reversible, and usually in either size 6-12m or 1-2 yrs... i have found this size works best for the fabrics and seems to be the sizes that sell best... as i said a few weeks back I'm becoming addicted to fabrics, and recently have been on a shopping mission to all corners of the world,via my little net book, and have been getting some amazing fabrics... so watch this space.. i really do wish i was a girl... i really do i promise..


Sarah said...

Great name for your new shop Steven! Hope it goes well. Those dresses are great. If my friend has a girl I will be straight back for one!

Everything Stops for Tea said...

They are BRILLANT fabrics Mr Steven! and amazing frocks too!