Wednesday, 2 April 2008

mariah carey madness

so London is a big fun place and sometimes when you least expect it, you can be witness to some crazy things...and yesterday was no exception...what your about to watch is the madness that was the arrival of miss Mariah Carey to the in store signing of her new single...the shop was Selfridgess, which to any of you that know is possibly London's biggest really is massive and its slap bang on the busiest street in London, oxford street, id like you to believe that i came across this scene by chance..but the truth is i knew all about it because my David is a big Mariah fan and he was inside waiting for her to arrive so he could get his single signed...and i wanted to see the madness for myself and film it for what you cant see on this video is that the police had stopped the traffic for her arrival...and it was only when she was out of the black cab she arrived in that they let the buses a warning...its a bit shakey and its a bit loud...and no that's not me that's screaming....

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