Saturday, 15 December 2007

guess where i have been

so I'm a bad blogger..its been ages ,but things recently just seem to have gotten crazy with no time for me to sit and other job in the real world has been busier than usual which has been fun and i kinda lost my momentum to keep up with this ole thing, never mind with actually making things to sell, ill start that again next year i think ?....anyway can you guess where i have been, ? only blooming new york was a long planned trip and it consumed my excitement for many months...

we arrived at our Washington square based hotel, got out of the cab and stepped out into the most freezing cold weather i think i have ever was chilling me to the core of my bones...and I'm a big boy with added padding and i still thought it was horrible...however the next morning we went and had french toast and sausage and started our adventure properly..
and over the next 3 days we just walked a gazillion miles and jumped on and off the subway going from place to place seeing lovely things along the way, i must confess to being a bit of a building geek and love the sky scrapers of new york, we have massive buildings here in London but they just don't compare to new york in the drama stakes, it seems that a gigantic building can spring out of the smallest bit of favourite parts of our walks were when we ventured away from the tourist packed areas and found ourselves on grungy back streets where it felt like the real new york, and central park was my real highlight, i just wanted to see the ice skaters and get a picture..
we ate in some lovely places and had fab food, we saw some big fancy Broadway shows, one if which was brilliant...(young Frankenstein)...and one which made me want to gag with its sickly cuteness..(little mermaid).

i was going to do a shop report and show some pics i took, but without sounding to cocky, i was a bit disappointed with what i saw, living in London spoils me with amazing shops and i think they take some beating, and the only shop that really impressed me was anthropologie which was lovely and styled very brilliantly, and had some heart beat increasing things,..i wanted urban outfitters to be better than London but they were exactly the same really...just a lot cheaper,..and the big stores were OK but nothing i cant see here in London...the next time i come to new york I'm planning on seeking out more of the independent places and venturing off Manhattan and seeing what i can find, but i do LOVE LOVE LOVE new york and cant wait to go back..

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'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

I'm totally freakin' jealous! I LOVE NEW YORK!!!!!!