Saturday, 8 September 2007

i got tagged ?

so a few days ago i got tagged and since then have been having sleepless nights thinking about what i could say that might interest anyone...7 things about me...mmmm what shall i say ?

1. im originally from a sleepy village in the north west of england and i longed for years to escape to the big exciting city of london where i have lived now for over 10 yrs, but a massive part of me is desperate to return to that simple easy way of life and escape the busy hectic city life....(top left pic is near where i grew up...i miss it.)

2. i actually dont really enjoy making things, i enjoy the end result when i hold the finished thing in my hand, but the process and mess to get there really frustrates me.

3. me and my david got married in the oldest brick house in london, the day after it became legal for same sex relationships to get married.we had a bridesmaid, cake, rings and speeches, and it was a brilliantly lovely day, and our cake rocked.(bottom left pic was our wedding cake..yum.)

4. i have never had what you could call a real job,i have always strived for a self sufficient way of life, i usually fail at this and end up with no money, but i always have the satisfaction of at least trying this idea or that scheme, some work and some dont.

5. i secretly worry about what people must think when they come into my house and see all the toys and things with faces and pictures and treasured junk that i have accumulated on every shelf and suface, im a 31 yr old it wrong that i get excited by soft funishings and sparkly things ? (top right pic is a corner of my home.)

6. if or when i win the lottery i will put half into a high interest account and then i will go potty with the rest and buy a lovely little house and fill it with all the amazing things i see on all the blogs i read, i will buy the originals and not prints of the many fantastic work i see. nothing will match and it will all clash to create a world that makes your eyes water.

7. im happiest when im sat on my sofa with a new unread interiors magazine, a cup of tea and biscuits next to me and my david sat with his leg over mine whilst he is on the internet making his recent thrifty find into a profit on ebay that helps towards our fun holidays...where we can buy more rubbish to fill our world..(bottom right pic, my idea of heaven.)

im supposed to tag 7 others now but im not sure who to tag ? ill think about this and update this part thanks cuz i felt like it, i enjoyed this.


carole said...

Hi Steven:
You are HOTT!!!
I was on Beth's blog and saw your comment (love clutter too) and came to your blog. WOW!!! Your "accidents" are cool. I could not find your wedding cake : ( I love food too. Red Mutha is "it" to.
You are a cheery fella.
Take care
A new friend from California

The Creative Corner said...

that cake looks like was delish!!!

lyn said...

I love how you call your man 'my David' - it's so full of affection.
And your cushions are gorgeous by the way.

Sarah said...

Fab post Chickypops!!! That cake looks delic!!